Thursday, May 5, 2011

Stinky Time....

After years of hearing about friends and family "blogging" about there lives i have decided to join the facinating world of....hold for it.........


Thats right folks i said it! Im a blogger now! Disapointed in me? I know. Me too!

I mean who would honestly wanna hear about what i ate for breakfast, or what my pooped looked liked after dinner or the little things like Brian Wilsons beard that get me all excited. Most people, including my self, would say F that! What do i care? I mean i pretty much stalk you all on facebook anyway, why would i wanna read more about your wonderfull poop filled life? Well i dont really know the answer to that, its human nature to be a nosy neighbor and that definatly applies to the "Webber-net". So go ahead, stick around and take a big whiff...I know you wanna!

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